So you have been designated as Personal Representative (Executor) of an estate.  Your duties can be overwhelming.  Most people will only do this once maybe twice in their lifetime. There are 3 ways in which we can assist you.


In today’s fast moving and somewhat confusing marketplace, it is often difficult and stressful to sell valuable items in a timely manner in which top dollar is generated. Personal Representatives find themselves responsible for the settlement of a loved ones estate and in need of assistance to move through the sale of  a lifetime of memories. Also, today’s seniors  find the need to sell collectible single items as well as entire private collections because they are downsizing or it seems as though their children do not collect what they did. We can help you reach these goals by minimizing stress and maximizing your auction results.


In reaching today’s global markets we use a combination of several progressive marketing resources. We conduct our live onsite auctions in coordination with live, and absentee Internet bidding, bringing the world of today’s buyers into our gallery.

Digital photography – Most  items are photographed and cataloged by our in house staff, however, professional photographers  are used to assure that clear, sharp images are obtained for the high end items to assure maximum results are achieved for online bidding..

Research – Our nearly 40 years of hands on experience has taught us that there are some items that require research. Our staff has access to a large library of research material as well as many local specialists.

Live Internet bidding – In today’s global market, prices vary from country to country and coast to coast. We were one of the pioneers of Live Internet Bidding dating back to the days of Dial Up.  In fact, we were one the the first 3 auctioneers in Florida to conduct an online auction. Internet bidding whether Online Only or combined with a Live Auction can be a valuable tool 


 DID YOU KNOW THAT YOUR TYPICAL ESTATE SALE COMPANY IS NOT REGULATED BY THE STATE?  Whereas Auctioneers must go to school and have a recovery fund in place administered by the State, no such regulations exist for Estate Sale companies.  If something goes wrong the only place you can turn to is the courts for satisfaction.  

We have seen a lot of companies come and go in our nearly 40 years of estate services.  Take the time to listen to the people you are interviewing.  

Fisher's Auction & Appraisal Services has been recognized and accepted by professionals in the legal and probate community.  We have provided professional, discreet liquidations and appraisals for many prominent Central Florida Estates,  including elected officials and members of the legal and law enforcement community.

They were more than satisfied. 


Conducting two & three day sales.

Organizing and displaying household contents.

Providing display tables and any additional items needed for set-up.

Extensive researching, inspecting, and evaluating each item in the estate for sale.

Pricing all items accordingly. NOTHING is offered for sale unless you approve the price!

Advertising and promoting the sale in local newspapers, several websites, our web site,  sending 2,000 e-mail notices to customers, antique dealers, jewelry dealers and many other people in the trade.

Professional on-site signage.

Staffing the sale with qualified & experienced people. Our employees have stayed with us for many years, some of them started out as clients and customers.

Cleaning out the home or business after completion of the sale, if desired.

Donating unsold items to a charitable organization and providing you with a Charitable Tax Receipt.

Full payment within 10 days of the completion of the sale with an itemized list of items sold. 

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Debit cards.


Personal Property Specialists

A long history of real experience is what qualifies us  to produce appraisals to the highest possible degree of accuracy. All appraisals are in compliance with the standards and ethics as set forth in The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP).   

Our staff remain current on local, regional and national industry and financial trends and their impact on the value of assets under consideration. To further analyze these trends, we maintain a library of trade publication and catalogs, an information network of dealer and in-house records from our computerized data base among other reference resources. 

But, there are many divergent variables that come into play in appraisal work. Because we have an intimate knowledge of these factors, our appraising becomes a defined science. All of this allows us to make accurate, clear, honest, confident statements of value. 

Our assessments are regarded as being among the best the field has to offer. It is why many of our professional clients have been with us for nearly 30 years. 



Fisher's Auction & Appraisal Service LLC